I’m still working with exactly what I want to do with this campaign. I’m thinking about either creating my own from-scratch campaign world (if I can acquire a copy of campaign cartographer and/or other cartographer software) or else use the city of cauldron from the Shackled City campaign, by paizo. Any advice either way on this matter would be greatly appreciated (as would contributions to acquire either product, heh heh). Also, I’m still looking for permanent players, at the moment, and if you’re in the Littleton CO area, adult and mature, and want a good group to play with, send me a message. I’m planning to use elements from the Maztica setting, a little bit of what I like from the Dark Sun setting (possibly including the team of characters each player plays from, as well as psionic influence), how the Underdark is portrayed in Forgotten Realms, and some future tech from Iron Kingdoms and Eberron-style magic-enhanced technology.

Zikk's Slaughterhouse