A brave member of the legendary Dark Knights of Cauldron, powerful healer and also mighty sorceror, travelled with Zikk many years before mysteriously disappearing


A Dwarven Cleric/ Sorceror/ Mystic Theurge (or other divine & arcane dual mix)

To be statted later…


Part 2 of the 3-Person adventuring party, the Dark Knights, that swept the surrounding areas with a blaze of fury, doing incredible acts of heroism and bravery (and the occasional near-botched drunken dungeon crawl), a friend of the dark elf Zikk, and the wild elf (who’s name translates into common pretty roughly) The Bonz.

Exactly which deity Jayne’s power comes from, few know, but there’re suspicions it could be granted by St Cuthbert, or a similar, formerly mortal deity. Some also say his powers may be demonic, but those accusations are likely just slander from the local temple of the Sun God (it’s widely known that Jayne refused their demands once for a donation of several thousand gold pieces, and those close to him state that the demands were quite unreasonable, especially since the demands came right after paying a terrible price to get a potion to resurrect his good friend The Bonz). He is a pious man, in his own way. If he has an opportunity to do the right thing, he’s likely to do it, but it’s not like he’s busting his butt doing overtime to fundraise for the orphanage or anything. A man’s gotta do what he’s called to do, and for Jayne, that’s traveling, killing baddies, and trying (sometimes desperately) to keep his two friends alive.


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